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*Please note: The show dates for Brownland Farm Spring I are April 16-20. These dates are NOT a typo. The schedule dates were adjusted in observance of Easter Sunday, April 21. This show will run Tuesday through Saturday.


Beginning in the 2018 competition year, all horses competing in USEF-licensed and/or USHJA-sanctioned competitions with Hunter, Hunter Breeding, Jumper, and Hunter/Jumping Seat Equitation classes not restricted by breed will be required to be microchipped to receive points. The following year, this will be a requirement for all horses competing in these classes. USEF has provided education materials to competitors to learn more about microchipping see the following rules: (HU101, JP100, EQ103).


Report the microchip number directly to USEF in one of the following three ways:

  • Online by signing into your My USEF My Way account and updating the horse’s record.
  • Faxing to (859) 231-6662 or emailing to horseservices@usef.org the Microchip Reporting Form, which may be used to report chip numbers for multiple horses.
  • Completing the microchip field on a USEF Horse Recording/ ID Application.

Microchip Reporting Forms are available online @ usef.org. Go to Horse Services for the downloadable form. Forms will also be available in the Horse Show Office.
The completion and submission of this form is the sole responsibility of the competitor. Competition staff are not responsible for assisting with the forms. USEF will check the form to ensure accuracy and completeness once received.